San Yu

Activates the defense system

Phytogenic premix, especially made to ensure durability and good health of intestinal tract.

Stress, changes in feed, ambient and microclimate can cause a decrease in feed intake, incomplete digestion and poorer utilization of nutrients.

All of this factors affect health of intestinal tract. Helthy digestive tract is prerequisite for general health of animals and performances, but also has a significant influence on immune system.

SanYu® is standardized premix. It is synergetic mix of saponins, glycocomponents and essential oils for good health of intestinal tract.


  • Improves appetite
  • Improves feed consumption
  • Better feed intake
  • Works anti-inflammatory and improves intestinal health
  • Reduces the amount of ammonia and methane and creates suitable environment for digestion
  • If is used prevently, the use of antibiotics is reduced because of improved animal health

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