Andcid Perfect

Perfect SInergy

AndCID Perfect is a special acidifier with protected sodium butyrate and other substances for pigs and poultry.


  • Better hygienic quality of feed
  • Useful as bactericide and bacteriostatic, feed preserver. Feed hygiene. Anti-mold.
  • Decreases quickly the stomach pH (weaned piglets and stress situations like starter phase and begging of fattening).
  • Best digestibility (activation of digestive enzymes). Less indigestible parts in feed, with fewer diarrheas and less mortality.
  • Partial reduction in duodenum pH and to •save” H+
  • Increases consumption of feed, because it reminds the young animals of the smell of mother’s milk.
  • Secretion of pancreatic enzymes action.
  • Improves the development of beneficial flora of the gut, while inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Less gut pathology (diarrhea).
  • Natural source of energy for the intestinal cells. Working as growth promoter.

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