Coli Stop EVO


COLISTOP EVO is special acidifier with natural essential oils, prebiotics and protected zinc for piglets, fattening and sows.


  • Better hygienic quality of food.
  • Useful as bactericidal and bacteriostatic, food preservative
  • Quickly lowers the pH of the stomach (weaned piglets and stressful situations like the starter phase and entry at the fattening )
  • Better protein digestibility (activation of digestive enzymes). Less indigestible parts in food, with fewer diarrhea problems, edema , and lower mortality
  • Improves development of beneficial gut flora , while inhibitis the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
  • An exclusive Zinc Oxide specially protected that resolves problems of diarrhea with a low dose. Substitutability of high therapeutic doses of zinc oxide ( 3 kg of COLISTOP EVO Zinc = 150 ppm , can replace 3.2 kg of ZnO =2500 ppm).
  • It helps with the medications of digestive problems against E.coli ( piglets and fattening ) and pathologies in fattening ( ileitis, dysentery, non specific diarrhea .

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