San Yu


SanYu® is a premix containing several unique products used at low dosage.

SanYu® is easily dosed and processed by anyone and improves results.

The active agents contained in SanYu® are of vegetable origin and are so-called ‘secondary metabolites’; this means that they constitute the immune system of certain plants. During the production process we may remove the active agents from the plant and standardise them. In other words, SanYu® is a vegetable ‘immunity donor’ entering the animal’s digestive system via the feed and making it possible for the animal to achieve a healthy performance level.


  • SanYu® blocks macrophages and thus inhibits infl ammations caused by pathogens, toxins, etc.
  • SanYu® blocks the so-called ‘amino acids degrading enzymes’ (AADE), making more amino acids and proteins available.
  • SanYu® reduces the production of ammonia and methane, resulting in a healthy digestive environment.
  • SanYu® has emulsifying properties and reduces the surface tension, giving rise to smaller micelles and enlarging the number. This enhances the digestionof nutrients in general and of fatty substances in particular.
  • SanYu® has the greatest effect in case of regular and prophylactic use.

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