Master Fiber 67

100% lignocellulose

Concentrated fibers (lignocellulose).


  • When we want to increase the level of fiber in the animal’s feed, we use raw materials that have certain maximum levels of 10-15% fiber (brans, pulps…) and they are not usually very safe from the point of homogeneity and bacterial quality. With MF67 we offer a raw material with 67% fiber content which is also very safe and homogeneous and solves the problem of fiber intake, being economically viable.
  • This is a product free of mycotoxins and microbiologically controlled (fungal and bacterial). High amount of fiber (4 or 5 times higher than traditional fiber sources such as beet pulp, wheat bran and husks). High water absorption capacity (up to twice than other fibers). Made at certified ISO 9001 & HACCP facilities. MF67 is composed mainly of cellulose and lignin, inert to the animal, but they provide all the necessary fiber, ballast effect and intestinal comfort we seek. The faeces consistency using MF67 is suitable as a source of fiber. The satiety effect is always achieved to te animal.

Always consult a nutritionist for dosage recommendations.

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