Yucca Plus

100% natural product

Yucca Plus Liquid, whose active ingredients come from the extract od Yucca Schidigera plant, is a safe product and suitable for the environment.

This natural extract is produced by cold pressing and is used to reduce smell, ammonia and other gases in animals, improving the environment, health and productivity of animals.

Active ingredients of Yucca Plus Liquid are saponins and glycocomponents.

The wide application of this natural product ranks it at the top of products that are used directly on farms.


  • Improvement of the microclimate, hygienic and ecological conditions on the farm
  • Better digestion and feed conversion
  • Significant reduction of ammonia and smell in the facility
  • Reduction in the frequency of lung diseases in animals (mycoplasma)
  • Sifnificant reduction of pathogenic bacteria in environment (biological hygienization)
  • Better performances
  • Less problems with environmental inspection (reduction of ammonia content)
  • Better quality of fertilizers for agronomic application

There is no waiting period. No contraindicatios .

It can be directly sprayed to lagoons, litter or manure, or it can used through drinking water.

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