Alpex Feed


Alpex Feed’s quality policy is based on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the market oriented business system in order to fully meet the requirements and expectations of clients and other interested parties in the overall business process.

Alpex Feed is a company whose main activity is trade in animal feed additives.

The main activity of the company is trade in animal feed additives. Top management is aware of the imminent risks arising from the business and therefore assumes responsibility for maintaining high standards in all areas of work and encourages full involvement of employees in these processes.

The company operates according to the highest European standards through:

  • constant development of resources, improvement of process efficiency and improvement of their performances,
  • consistent implementation and continuous improvement of the quality and feed safety system, in accordance with legal regulations, the requirements of ISO 9001 and GMP+ and other standards relevant to performing the essential processes,
  • constant monitoring of the food and feed safety management system in the chain of receiving and transporting,
  • selecting, evaluating and monitoring how suppliers and subcontractors provide goods and services, giving them the opportunity to deliver it in accordance with defined requirements,
  • responsibility of all employees for the implementation of the prescribed documentation and the functioning of the quality and feed safety system in terms of achieving the required quality and product safety,
  • measures to improve management's business by regular system reviews, conducting internal and external checks and applying corrective and preventive measures as needed,
  • organizing and implementing training programs that enable employees to work seamlessly performing tasks, personal advancement and job satisfaction,
  • optimal use of all available technical, technological, human and other resources and
  • communicating quality and feed safety management system policy to all interested parties


Employees are required to confirm by their work the implementation of Quality and feed safety management system policy.


Managers at all levels bear full responsibility of all aspects and issues related to quality and feed safety system.


The Director is responsible for implementation of Quality and feed safety management system policy.

The quality management system policy is accepted by the management and is binding on all participants of the process of work of ALPEX FEED from Silbas.